Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Happy Holidays!!

So, I'm going to warn you ahead of time, it's going to go from "business to sappy in about 0-60". So if sappy ain't your thing .. you can stop at the cut and avoid all the "awes". Goodness knows there are plenty of those out there.. just google "Cute Kitten" .. BAM! .. there you go.

Okay, so let's get down to business here. First, I would like to apologize for my delays in posting the Sailor Moon Review. Unfortunately, due to various appointments and such I've had throughout this month thus far, it's been near to impossible for me to even get more than 5 minutes to attempt to do something like the vlog. 

I know some people are like "But you talk about the time you have and you're on the PC and-" Yes, it's true. But please understand, doing the vlog means I have to set up the iPad (because I don't have a camera. -_-) on a make-shift tripod .. thing .. in order to get the right shot. Then I have to set up the background and make sure it's not going to fall apart and has enough to it so I can get it to do what I NEED it to do. Finally, I have to get the item(s) I want ready to do the vlog. The rest, well, it's all improv. heh. For the most part anyway. I do have to write down a bit of what I want to talk about and what not. 

That all being said, I'm wondering if people are liking the idea of vlogging here for the SMR. Please, post a comment here if you think I should continue, or just keep to the text reviews. Just, keep it nice and civil. No bashing or anything, okay? It's the flipping holidays .. let's try to have a LITTLE control in that department? (lol)

So what does this all mean? When will another review be up!? .. I would love to give an EXACT date, but unfortunately, 4 kids and no school means either doing it with the Amazoness Quartet in the background or waiting until school is back in session to get started. heh. I'll be sure to make that decision whenever it comes to me. 

The only thing I can say is, follow me on Twitter (@SailorMoonChan). Because I post there when I am doing the review and when it's being uploaded. That's the best way I can tell you to keep an ear out. Otherwise, keep checking back here.