Sunday, September 27, 2015

SMR Back up and Running!?..

Sailor Moon Review.. back up and.. RUNNING!?

That's right people, you read it right here! SMR is coming back! Now, I know some of you are asking yourself.. WTH did it take you so long!? Truthfully a lot of good and equally bad things have been going on, monopolizing my time. Not to mention, not really having a whole lot of money to spend on Sailor Moon items, it really kind of hits hard enough to say "Hrm.. what can I review?!" lol. 
That being said, since I have been selling a good lot of my older items as well as various other items, I have managed to gather enough each month to get a few selective items from my list up until this point. Which means, I have plenty to review! lol. 
So what exactly am I going to be doing and when!? .. Excellent questions! I will begin the SMR THIS WEEK! That's right .. starting 9/30, I will be doing the SMR again! With SO many items at my disposal right now, I have a good many ideas of what I want to review for the blog/vlog. 
More importantly, you're asking yourself.. WHY SHOULD I CARE!? .. Erm, I cannot answer that one exactly.. BUT! I can offer this.. nothing. Yea, I truly can't offer you anything spectacular right now. lol BUT.. I'm hoping in the near future to offer some give-aways of some neat Sailor Moon Merch for your pleasure! So stay tuned on that one!
Finally, what kind of review can you expect? Well, if you're familiar with SMR, you know what kind of review I give. I give HONEST and somewhat humorous reviews for my items. They are meant to give an idea of what's out there along with a bit of humor to make the blog not seem so .. well, boring! heh. A Vlog will always be posted with the blog, so that you can either watch it, read it or both! So please, spread the word, join the blog and most importantly, stay tuned for the next SMR coming THIS WEEK!!! Thanks again! Sailor Moon Says *winks*